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Little Ones

Little Ones - 6 Weeks up to 18 months (based on development)

Welcome message from Paige Sheern

- Little Ones Room Leader

“The Little Ones Room cares for children under the age of eighteen months old. My team and I pride ourselves in the passion, knowledge and our drive to ensure that children have the highest quality of care to help them in every aspect of their holistic development. Between us we have an extensive amount of knowledge about early childhood studies alongside years of hands on experience.”

“We plan and provide stimulating activities that are centred around our children’s interests and needs. We use Montessori’s pedagogy within our day to day routine. Ensuring that children have a visually pleasing environment and adults that make them feel secure and safe to enable them to explore all their senses with no boundaries. Children learn best through doing and exploring due to their nature of wanting to investigate. Our aim is to support and scaffold by making it possible for them to explore through their senses. We encourage this through interesting activities such as different forms of messy and creative play (playing with food, natural sources, malleable materials, etc).”

“Another crucial aim is to ensure that we have good working relationships with the parents. By having strong relationships with parents and careers this enables us to have a much better understanding of our children’s individual needs. We try our utmost best to adapt our routine to a child’s daily routine from home. By working alongside our parents it helps ensure that any transitions, for instance with weaning or milk routines, happen with ease.”

Choosing a childcare setting for your baby is a difficult decision, something that we at Oak House Montessori Nursery fully understand.  We encourage prospective parents to come and view the nursery, during which time you will be shown around the building, explained to how our daily routines are carried out, meet the staff that will be caring for your baby and talking through any questions you may have.

Your Baby's First Day

On your baby’s first day you will be greeted by the staff and you can take your child in and settle them. A member of staff will greet your child warmly, speaking reassuringly to them while encouraging them to take part in the activities provided.

Throughout the day you can phone us to find out how your child is settling, however if your child is upset and distressed, we will contact you. At the end of their first day a member of staff will give you their daily sheet and discuss with you what activities they have been doing throughout the day, what they have eaten, nappy changes/toileting and sleep. Again, this is a good opportunity to ask any questions.

Services Provided

  • Formula milk, bottles and food are included in your session price.  We ask that you provide nappies and baby wipes, a spare change of clothes in case of any little accidents, a pair of indoor shoes or slippers and appropriate outdoor wear.
  • Weekly planning is completed by the staff caring for your baby ensuring that a variety of activities are provided which cover all areas of learning and development.  By knowing the babies in our care very well we are able to plan activities that we know they will enjoy which in turn will help them progress in their next steps helping them reach their developmental milestones.
  • We offer two settling-in sessions, free of charge.  During these you will be required to complete a few forms which will provide us with information that will ensure that we can plan for your baby’s individual needs and preferences and make the transition between home and nursery easier.
  • We follow your child’s home routine as much as possible and document your baby’s day using daily sheets which contains details on when they have slept, what they have eaten, their nappy changes and what activities they have participated in.

Additional Information

Your baby will have a ‘Key Person’ who will create a ‘Learning Journey’ which contains observations and photos to show what your baby has been doing whilst in our care.  This will move through the nursery throughout their time here and once they have reached school age is yours to keep as a memento of your child’s first five years.

The Learning Journey’ is kept in their individual box for you to view at any time this will be unique to them and contains observations, artwork and termly evaluations which details the progress of their development.

Advice on topics such as activities, behaviour, school transitions can be sought from any of our qualified, experienced staff.

Weekly planning is completed by the staff caring for your baby ensuring that a variety of activities are provided which cover all areas of learning and development.  By knowing the babies in our care very well we are able to plan activities that we know they will enjoy which in turn will help them reach their developmental milestones.

We document your baby’s day using daily sheets which contains details on what they have eaten, their toileting and what activities they have participated in.

You may be considering starting potty training during this time of your child’s life; our staff are all aware that this is a time that requires sensitivity and patience.  Please speak to our staff in order to ensure that the methods being used at home are also being used here at nursery; the key to potty training is consistency and we aim to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

Our staff are always available to provide advice, talk about your child’s progress and listen to anything you may have to say.  Working in partnership with our parents is paramount to our success as a high standard nursery and we always welcome feedback and we encourage you to have your say at our parents’ forums.

Typical Activities

Our babies participate in many activities as we cater for a variety of development levels.  This ranges from tummy time with various cause and effect, noise making and stimulating toys, to participating in messy play, dancing, construction and small world activities.

All children participate in song and story time as well as sensory activities.

At mealtimes our babies all sit together at low level tables or in low level highchairs to encourage social skills and table manners.  Staff will help to feed young babies and encourage self-help skills when the babies are able to feed themselves.

Little Ones Mealtimes

We have our own Cook and Housekeeper so we are able to offer meals to suit a wide range of dietary requirements.  We aim to make all meals and snacks healthy and nutritious with appropriate portion sizes for your child.

At mealtimes children sit together to encourage them to develop social skills and table manners.  The children are encouraged and supported to feed themselves, where possible, to develop self-help skills.

Weaning: We are able to provide meals suitable for babies who are starting on solid foods, either following a pureed food diet or baby lead weaning depending on your preference.

Snacks: A snack is given during the morning and afternoon sessions where children are offered a choice of two snacks. Snacks are varied and options include naan bread, crackers, seasonal fruit, vegetables and dip etc.

At all mealtimes children are offered a choice of milk (when over 1 years old) and water (boiled for under 1 year old); water is available to every child throughout the day