Oakhouse Montessori, 77 Wimborne Road, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 4JR

Kindergarten - Two to Three years

Welcome Message from Vicky Kennedy

- Deputy Manager

“Hello and welcome to the Kindergarten room.  In our room, we have lots of fun and there is lots to do to occupy inquisitive little minds.

We have free flow over three rooms, including our art room where we can get very messy and enjoy playing with playdough, painting, water play, drawing and sticking, as well as other fun craft activities. We have two play rooms, one for role play and small world activities, the other for reading and literacy activities and construction. In these rooms we have a large variety of toys and activities which help us with our learning and imaginative play. We also have circle time each day where we sing, read stories, dance and talk about our interests.

We have outdoor play twice a day where we enjoy playing games, using the climbing frame and playing with balls and scooters. For our older children in this room, there are daily Montessori lessons where in small groups the children get the opportunity to learn and use Montessori equipment, using gross and fine motor skills whilst gaining independent self-help skills. This room is for the older 2 year olds and younger 3 year olds, the year before they go into our pre-school group.

The term after your child turns three years old we introduce them to Montessori activities and they will begin to have daily Montessori lessons with myself (I am a qualified Montessori Assistant).  Your child will have free choice of the activities on the shelves and will receive one to one teaching when learning how to use activities and develop new skills.

We teach and encourage children’s independence which prepares and helps them as they grow older.”

Choosing a childcare setting for your child is a difficult decision, something that we at Oak House Montessori Nursery fully understand.  We encourage prospective parents to come and view the nursery, during which time you will be shown around the building, explained to how our daily routines are carried out, meet the staff that will be caring for your child and talking through any questions you may have.

Our kindergarten group is run by fully qualified, experienced staff. They are chosen for their knowledge and understanding of this age group and work hard to ensure your child’s individual needs are catered for.  This age group are provided with many new experiences to build their self-confidence and develop their own unique identity. Daily activities are planned weekly using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to cater for each individual’s needs and interests and to ensure that a broad range of learning opportunities for the development of all areas of learning. Our kindergarten staff are always available for advice and support on topics such as ‘potty training’ and for every step of your child’s developmental journey.

Your Child's First Day

On your child’s first day you will be greeted by the staff and you can take your child in and settle them. A member of staff will greet your child warmly, speaking reassuringly to them while encouraging them to take part in the activities provided.

Throughout the day you can phone us to find out how your child is settling, however if your child is upset and distressed, we will contact you. At the end of their first day a member of staff will give you their daily sheet and discuss with you what activities they have been doing throughout the day, what they have eaten, nappy changes/toileting and sleep. Again, this is a good opportunity to ask any questions.

Services Provided

  • All food and drink are included in your session price.  We ask that you provide nappies and baby wipes if needed, a spare change of clothes in case of any little accidents, a pair of indoor shoes or slippers and appropriate outdoor wear.
  • Weekly planning is completed by the staff caring for your child ensuring that a variety of activities are provided which cover all areas of learning and development.  By knowing the children in our care very well we are able to plan activities that we know they will enjoy which in turn will help them reach their developmental milestones.
  • We offer two settling-in sessions, free of charge.  During these you will be required to complete a few forms which will provide us with information that will ensure that we can plan for your child’s individual needs and preferences and make the transition between home and nursery easier.
  • We document your child’s day using daily sheets which contains details on what they have eaten, their toileting and what activities they have participated in.
  • Your child will have a ‘Key Person’ who will create a ‘Learning Journey’ which contains observations and photos to show what your child has been doing whilst in our care.  This will move through the nursery throughout their time here and once they have reached school age is yours to keep as a memento of your child’s first five years. The Learning Journey’ is kept in their individual box for you to view at any time this will be unique to them and contains observations, artwork and termly evaluations which details the progress of their development.
  • Advice on topics such as activities, behaviour, school transitions can be sought from any of our qualified, experienced staff.

Additional Information

The term after your child turns 3 you will be entitled to government funding, please see further information about this. Your child will then also be introduced to the Montessori method of teaching. Your child will remain in the main nursery building until the September before their 4th birthday, after this time they will move to our ‘Little House Preschool’.

We believe that children benefit most from early years education and care when parents and settings work together in partnership. Our aim is to support you as their child’s primary carers by involving you in the care and education of your child.

As a setting we ensure ongoing dialogue with you to improve our knowledge of the needs of your child and to support you as a family, we encourage you to speak with your child’s key person regularly to discuss any changes in routine, concerns or any exciting new things your child is doing.

Every day your child attends will receive a daily sheet which will inform you about how much and what they have eaten, if they have slept and a nappy changing/toileting record as well as what activities they have participated in. This is also an opportunity for you to have a chat about your child’s day.

Typical Activities

Daily activities are planned weekly using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework to cater for each individual’s needs and interests and to ensure that a broad range of learning opportunities for the development of all areas of learning.

Activities are set out to encourage a child’s interest and all equipment is stored at the child’s level so they can add toys to extend their play. The rooms are laid out with different activities.

The children are encouraged to play outside every day, they have the use of a large climbing frame, sand pit and playhouse as well as an area for gardening. Activities such as ball games, obstacle courses and race are planned to develop gross motor skills.

Throughout the day staff supervise and interact with the children; promoting their learning and development whilst encouraging their independence and individual thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Kindergarden Mealtimes

We have our own Cook and Housekeeper so we are able to offer meals to suit a wide range of dietary requirements.  We aim to make all meals and snacks healthy and nutritious with appropriate portion sizes for your child.

At mealtimes children sit together to encourage them to develop social skills and table manners.  The children are encouraged and supported to feed themselves and to pour their own drinks to develop self-help skills.

Snacks: A snack is given during the morning and afternoon sessions where children are offered a choice of two snacks which they are able to self select. Snacks are varied and options include naan bread, crackers, seasonal fruit, vegetables and dip etc.

At all mealtimes children are offered a choice of milk and water; water is available to every child throughout the day.